mp4box is used to mux files into an MP4 container.

Create an MP4 file from an x264 video and a faac audio file for streaming
faac -b 96k -o audio.m4a audio.wav
mp4box -add video.264 -add audio.m4a -fps 23.976 video.mp4
mp4box -inter 500 video.mp4

If you are having trouble with the audio, try re-encoding it at a constant bitrate.

In some cases, mp4box sets it's own FPS for the video, which is why -fps is passed.


Get all the supported tags:

MP4Box -tag-list
Supported iTunes tag modifiers:
        album_artist    usage: album_artist=album artist
        album   usage: album=name
        tracknum        usage: track=x/N
        track   usage: track=name
        artist  usage: artist=name
        comment usage: comment=any comment
        compilation     usage: compilation=yes,no
        composer        usage: composer=name
        created usage: created=time
        disk    usage: disk=x/N
        tool    usage: tool=name
        genre   usage: genre=name
        name    usage: name=name
        tempo   usage: tempo=integer
        writer  usage: writer=name
        group   usage: group=name
        cover   usage: cover=file.jpg,file.png
        encoder usage: encoder=name
        gapless usage: gapless=yes,no
        all     usage: all=NULL

Since the location and naming is confusing, here's the mediainfo output when some are set:

Complete name                            : audio.m4a
Movie name                               : name
Album                                    : album
Album/Performer                          : album_artist
Track name/Position                      : 99
Performer                                : artist
Composer                                 : writer
Comment                                  : comment
trk                                      : track
com                                      : composer

Converting M4A to MP3 with avconv, copying metadata, with id3v1 only:

avconv -y -i source.m4a -map_metadata 0 -write_id3v1 1 -vn ouput.mp3

Converting M4A to MP3 with avconv, copying metadata, with id3v2.3 only:

avconv -y -i source.m4a -map_metadata 0 -id3v2_version 3 -vn ouput.mp3

And stripping extra frames from conversion:

id3v2 --remove-frame TXXX output.mp3
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