Package Management

Check for system updates
yum check-update
Update system
yum update
Install a package
yum install man

Also, agree to install:

yum -y install man
yum list <exact package name>
yum search <foo>
Display installed packages
yum list installed
List all available packages
yum list
See if a package is installed
rpm -q <package>
Reinstall a package
yum reinstall <package>

Package Details

Get versions of packages installed
yum installed -v [package]
Display files installed by a package
yum install yum-utils
repoquery --list <package>
Find package owner for a file
yum provides /usr/bin/foo
# or (requires yum-utils)
repoquery -f /usr/bin/foo
See package groups
yum grouplist
See what packages are available, installed in a group
yum groupinfo -v "FTP Server"
How to list repositories
yum repolist [-v]