Create a new domain with a config file
xl create xen.cfg
Display all running domains
xl list
Shutdown a domain immediately

This is similar to pulling the power cable on a server.

xl destroy vm
Send a shutdown signal

Poweroff, the nice way.

xl shutdown vm
Reboot a domain
xl reboot
Open a console
xl console beandog

To detach the console: ctl and ]

xl console might have trouble wrapping in a tmux session.

List domains

Display the currently running domains:

xl list

Their states:

  • r - currently running
  • b - blocked, and not running or runnable
  • p - paused
  • s - a shutdown command has been sent, but the domain isn't dying yet
  • c - the domain has crashed
  • d - the domain is dying, but hasn't properly shut down or crashed
Pause a domain

This will pause a domain, but it will leave the resources and memory still claimed by the domain.

xl pause beandog

Also, leave the state:

xl unpause beandog
Display message buffer

Displays dmesg output of the Xen domain kernel.

xl dmesg