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 +===== stunnel =====
 +stunnel is used to either create secure connections over otherwise insecure routes, or to route from one source port to another destination port.
 +==== Configuration ====
 +  * Configuration files are located in /​etc/​stunnel
 +  * Log files are /​var/​log/​stunnel.log or syslog, depending on version used.
 +  * Version freeze with stunnel-4.27,​ built against openssl-0.9.8.
 +==== Notes ====
 +Note that stunnel.conf configuration options change between versions. ​ The
 +stunnel.conf listed is known to work with stunnel-4.27.
 +The files in the 3form directory are the config and SSL files used on
 +knockturn.3-form.com ​ That site is using stunnel-4.19.
 +The slrealtors directory holds the SSL files necessary to connect to their
 +server, which is also running stunnel.
 +Please note that stunnel in itself is finicky to setup and configure, and get
 +working properly. ​ Some versions will output to the log file specificed in the
 +config, some to the syslog, some both, some none.
 +This packaged version of stunnel-4.27 is built against openssl-0.9.8 libs.
 +When built against openssl-1.0.0 libs, it will complain about a cipher missing
 +and exit.  Experimenting with builds, it doesn'​t seem possible to build a new
 +one against 0.9.8 without using that as the system library as well.