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stunnel is used to either create secure connections over otherwise insecure routes, or to route from one source port to another destination port.


  • Configuration files are located in /etc/stunnel
  • Log files are /var/log/stunnel.log or syslog, depending on version used.
  • Version freeze with stunnel-4.27, built against openssl-0.9.8.


Note that stunnel.conf configuration options change between versions. The stunnel.conf listed is known to work with stunnel-4.27.

The files in the 3form directory are the config and SSL files used on That site is using stunnel-4.19.

The slrealtors directory holds the SSL files necessary to connect to their server, which is also running stunnel.

Please note that stunnel in itself is finicky to setup and configure, and get working properly. Some versions will output to the log file specificed in the config, some to the syslog, some both, some none.

This packaged version of stunnel-4.27 is built against openssl-0.9.8 libs. When built against openssl-1.0.0 libs, it will complain about a cipher missing and exit. Experimenting with builds, it doesn't seem possible to build a new one against 0.9.8 without using that as the system library as well.