Percona XtraDB

Percona XtraDB is an enhanced version of InnoDB database engine.

InnoDB features:

  • Default storage engine in MySQL 5.5
  • InnoDB recovers from a crash or other unexpected shutdown by replaying its logs
  • InnoDB automatically groups together multiple concurrent inserts and flushes them to disk at the same time
  • ACID compliant
  • Transactional support: data integrity is guaranteed in the entire query process
  • InnoDB uses row-level locking, as opposed to table locking in MyISAM. InnoDB can modify multiple rows concurrently, where MyISAM can only do one at a time
  • Full text search (same as MyISAM)
  • Foreign key constraints
  • Designed for high performance
  • Hot backup: do a full backup while reads/writes are still happening
  • Updates are written to the log first, and then the changes are made to the database

XtraDB features:

  • Backwards compatible with InnoDB
  • Faster performance
  • Better scalability
  • Better tunability
  • More statistics
  • Improvements in handing multiple concurrent queries
  • NoSQL support (experimental): You can access your data with both NoSQL and SQL statements
  • Increased shutdown times
  • Corrupted tables are disabled, instead of bringing down the database server
  • Can export single tables (n/a in InnoDB)
  • Buffer is saved during restarts
  • Slow query logs in microseconds instead of in seconds