NetBSD ISO Install


Installing NetBSD from an ISO, the website is a bit confusing as to what files are what. Use the FTP link above, and download the latest ISO in the naming format of NetBSD-6.0.1-i386.iso


When booting the ISO, it may say “NetBSD/x86” at the beginning. This is not an indicator that you downloaded that wrong file.

Install Menu

  • Installation messages in English
  • Keyboard type: unchanged
  • * NetBSD-6.0.1 Install System: Install NetBSD to hard disk
  • Select your distribution: Installation without X11
  • This is the correct geometry
  • Use the entire disk
  • Choose your installation: Use existing partition sizes
  • Partition sizes ok
  • Bootblocks selection: Use BIOS console
  • Install from: CD-ROM / DVD / install image media

Configure the additional items as needed:

  • Configure network
  • Timezone
  • Change root password
  • Enable sshd: YES
  • Enable ntpd: YES
  • Run ntpdate as boot: YES