• -F - exit if the entire file is display on the first screen
  • -i - ignore case on searches
  • -J - Displays an asterisk next to each matching line of a search (but also adds a blank column on the left)

Keyboard commands

Where N is a number (integer).

  • F - scroll forward, and watch the file for new lines (similar to tail -f)
  • g - jump to first line
  • Ng - jump to line #
  • G - jump to last line
  • N% - jump to N percent of the file (fex: 25%)
  • &<pattern> - only show lines that match <pattern> (similar to grep); use & to remove filter
  • = - print some info about the file
  • v - edit the same file using the VISUAL environment variable as your editor
  • !<string> - execute <string> and print results (fex: !ls)
  • s<filename> - save piped output to <filename>