Get hash tag of last commit
git log -1 --format=oneline | cut -d " " -f 1
Configure pager

This will cause less to exit as soon as it reaches end-of-file. This is helpful for git output where it is less than one page.

Edit your .gitconfig file:

pager = less -E

Here are some useful commands:

# initialize working copy
git init
# initialize bare repo
git init --bare
# reset working copy
git reset --hard
# show who is responsible for changes
git blame
# add remote
git remote add origin user@blah/~/foo/bar/
# remove remote
git remote rm origin
# show all remotes
git remote show
# show details of specific remote
git remote show origin
# pull any changes down from the bare
git pull origin master
# make a new branch and start working in it
git checkout -b some_updates
# make a working copy of existing repo
git clone user@blah/~/foo/bar/
# get the status of current branch
git status
# delete branch locally
git branch -D newfeature
# delete branch on origin
git push origin :newfeature