FreeBSD Goals

When creating a FreeBSD instance to develop and test releases on, please give the system a hostname that includes the target goal. For example: freebsd-dev-ports or freebsd-dev-packages

Install Base

  • Create a setup using only binary packages (VirtualBox)
  • Create a setup using only source ports
  • Install OS install base programs on both setups and document

Ports and Packages

  • Read and document features of ports
  • Read and document features of pkg_add, etc.
  • Read and document features of pkgng


  • Setup a good csh rc file: control arrow, searchable history, standard aliases
  • Build a good list of base packages to install
  • Setup a ZFS partition
  • Howto setup cron
  • Howto setup locate
  • Howto setup Postfix


  • Create a checklist of files to use for a quick deployment
  • Decide on a method for filesystem overlays (?)
  • Document how to install an AMP stack, be aware of what versions are installed from ports/packages


  • Base configuration files for common services: openssh, dropbear, etc.
  • Generate configuration files for monit
  • Generate configuration files for MySQL