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 +====== ziproxy ======
 +  * [[http://​ziprozy.sourceforge.net/​|Homepage]]
 +"​Ziproxy is a forwarding (non-caching) compressing HTTP proxy server.
 +Basically, it squeezes images by converting them to lower quality JPEGs or JPEG 2000 and compresses (gzip) HTML and other text-like data.
 +It also provides other features such as: HTML/JS/CSS optimization,​ preemptive hostname resolution, transparent proxying, IP ToS marking (QoS), Ad-Blocker, detailed logging and more.
 +Ziproxy does not require a client software and provides acceleration for any web browser, any operational system.
 +Ziproxy is available as a free (FOSS) software under the GNU GPL (version 2 or higher) license."​