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  ​Birth:​ -  ​Birth:​ -
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-==== Setup Wishlist ==== 
-I was considering setting up Samba in place of Netatalk for sharing with Mac, and I made a list of blockers that could prevent a stable, efficient setup. ​ Here's the list. :) 
-  - stormy: [[Samba]] testing 
-    - Setup a share that is not listed for guests (public, private) 
-    - Setup SMB1 (NT1) max protocol -- despite OS X using SMB2 by default, NT1 is far well supported, and has not had issues commonly reported. 
-    - Test extended attributes 
-      - Verified that deleting a file removes the file attributes file as well (._foo) 
-      - Copying a file from OS X files sometimes (?) creates (and maybe copies?) an EA file 
-    - Test running AFP and Samba in tandem 
-    - Initial connect is slow (when selecting STORMY from left nav in Finder) -- looks like it's using Guest connect by default -- also need to test when there is a save password for the connection 
-      - Setting ''​log level = 0 auth:​3''​ in smb.conf helps display issues with Samba connections 
-      - With ''​username map''​ empty (default Samba configuration),​ this error shows up in logs: ''​check_ntlm_password: ​ Authentication for user [GUEST] -> [GUEST] FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER''​ 
-        - Setting the ''​username map''​ to ''/​etc/​samba/​smbusers'',​ and on guest connect, it changes to this: ''​Authentication for user [GUEST] -> [nobody] FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER''​ 
-        - Then, created a user ''​nobody''​ using ''​smbasswd -a nobody''​ with an empty password, and then it connects with no errors: ''​sam authentication for user [GUEST] succeeded''​ and ''​authentication for user [GUEST] -> [nobody] -> [nobody] succeeded''​. ​ **However,​** I don't see any noticeable difference in latency for connecting an OS X client. 
-    - Test using usermap to map user logins to public / private shares instead of using 'force user' 
-    - Test situation when there are *no* guest shares available, but 'map to user = Bad Guest' still exists 
-    - Figure out why 'force create mode = 644' is not working -- new files are set to 744 
-    - How to setup log files for each user or machine -- %u.log creates an actual file named '​%u.log'​ 
-    - Look at security implications of using Samba over a WAN 
-    - Test files with Word that have macros 
-    - Talk to Jon and get some example files that he has problems viewing / updating with AFP 
-    - What effects does disabling NetBIOS (added in smb.conf) have for displaying Stormy in Network list?  What about changing the avahi configuration?​ 
-      - I have a possible theory that the network naming and avahi entries could be causing Finder to cycle through possible network connection options when accessing STORMY for the first time.  Get a closer look at the Samba logs to see what requests are happening client and server side. 
-    - See if it is possible to connect as user "Full Name" as well as "​shortname"​. ​ If it's not possible, then use usermap to map the long ones to the short ones. 
-      - Yes.  ''​tridge = "​Andrew Tridgell"'' ​ See [[http://​www.samba.org/​samba/​docs/​man/​manpages-3/​smb.conf.5.html#​USERNAMEMAP]] 
-    - Debug OS X's behavior by opening the Console app in the Utilities folder. 
-    - Test having default share be clients with user login -- not required, as users can still connect manually, but it could be nice to have. 
-    - Recommended to enable ''​use sendfile''​ 
-Also, here is the latest ''​smb.conf''​ file for stormy at the time of stopping research: 
 <​code>​ <​code>​
Line 278: Line 245:
         # Cosmetics         # Cosmetics
-        comment = stormy+        comment = nas
         # Possibly relevant if debugging         # Possibly relevant if debugging
Line 295: Line 262:
         ​         ​
         [software]         [software]
-        path = /var/stormy/images+        path = /var/nas/images
         read only = No         read only = No
         guest ok = Yes         guest ok = Yes