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 +===== Setting up PEAR Modules in MAMP =====
 +Here's an example code for installing Mail and Mail_mime in MAMP
 +update ''/​Applications/​MAMP/​conf/​php5.3/​php.ini''​ line 405 to read:
 +include_path = "​.:/​Applications/​MAMP/​bin/​php5/​lib/​php:/​Applications/​MAMP/​bin/​php5.3/​lib/​php"​
 +Then execute the following commands
 +<code bash>
 +/​Applications/​MAMP/​bin/​php5.3/​bin/​pear uninstall Mail
 +/​Applications/​MAMP/​bin/​php5.3/​bin/​pear uninstall Mail_mine
 +/​Applications/​MAMP/​bin/​php5.3/​bin/​pear install -a Mail
 +/​Applications/​MAMP/​bin/​php5.3/​bin/​pear install -a Mail_mine
 +Now, restart the MAMP servers and you're in!