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 +====== OpenSMTPD ======
 +  * [[FreeBSD]]
 +  * [[OpenBSD]]
 +== Sample configuration file ==
 +Sample file: ''/​usr/​local/​etc/​mail/​smtpd.conf.sample''​
 +# This is the smtpd server system-wide configuration file.
 +# See smtpd.conf(5) for more information.
 +# To accept external mail, replace with: listen on all
 +listen on localhost
 +# If you edit the file, you have to run "​smtpctl update table aliases"​
 +table aliases file:/​etc/​aliases
 +# Uncomment the following to accept external mail for domain "​example.org"​
 +#accept from any for domain "​example.org"​ alias <​aliases>​ deliver to mbox
 +accept for local alias <​aliases>​ deliver to mbox
 +accept for any relay
 +== Monit ==
 +On FreeBSD, OpenSMTPD doesn'​t create a PID file.