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   * [[https://​netbsd-vm:​10000/​|netbsd-vm webmin]]   * [[https://​netbsd-vm:​10000/​|netbsd-vm webmin]]
-NetBSD, in general, seems like a hobby OS.  The documentation,​ though verbose, isn't very clear. ​ Their driving focus is to be able to work on as many platforms as possible. 
-Upstream provides packages in both binary and source format. ​ I'm not sure how splitting their resources affects actual package availability (perhaps do a version match against binaries and source installs?). 
-On the other hand, nobody runs it, so it could be interesting to see what it can do. 
-Regardless, I still have a hard time understanding how to keep a system '​up-to-date'​. ​ Using CVS seems to be the preferred method. ​ Downloading massive snapshot tarballs isn't very effective.