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The ifenslave program is used to set up bonding for network devices. This must be used in conjunction with support for bonding in the Linux kernel.

If built as a module, load it:

modprobe bonding

In Ubuntu, set the module to be loaded on boot. Add bonding to /etc/modules.

Program syntax is ifenslave [options] master slave [slave..].

Options include:

  • -a - show information about all devices
  • -c - change active state
  • -d - remove slave interface from the bonding device
  • -f - force action, even if one of the interfaces doesn't look like an Ethernet device
  • -v - verbose output

An example of creating a bonding device, using two interfaces, where eth0 is the master and eth1 is the slave:

ifenslave eth0 eth1

The new device name is bond0, and can be set as normal using ifconfig, ip, ifup, etc.

Check the bonding interface:

cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0