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   * [[git]]   * [[git]]
-  * [[Office Support]] 
-Gitorious is an application that hosts git repositories. ​ We are running a copy of it internally on tahiti. ​ You can access it at http://​git.dmcbeta.com:​3000/ ​ User login is required for access. 
 Display project repositories from database gitorious: Display project repositories from database gitorious:
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 The configuration file in ''/​etc/​sphinx/​sphinx.conf''​ is copied from ''/​var/​www/​gitorious/​config/​ultrasphinx/​production.conf''​ The configuration file in ''/​etc/​sphinx/​sphinx.conf''​ is copied from ''/​var/​www/​gitorious/​config/​ultrasphinx/​production.conf''​
-===== Notes ===== 
-Setting up gitorious was a real pain.  Please don't break it. 
 ===== Support ====== ===== Support ======
   * http://​groups.google.com/​group/​gitorious   * http://​groups.google.com/​group/​gitorious