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Line 92: Line 92:​16 - the notation is low, so the IPs is high​16 - the notation is low, so the IPs is high
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The power of ''​2''​ is also evident when crossing the first 256 # of IP addresses. ​ If starting at ''​'',​ and extending to ''​512'',​ then you're only adding one set of ''​256''​s. So ''​1.0''​ would expand to ''​2.0''​. But what if you wanted to add more? The power of 2 applies, so you'd then have to jump by ''​4'',​ next. ''​''​ now goes to ''​''​. The next one would be ''​4''​ times ''​2'',​ so 8 is the next possible block. Going from ''​''​ to ''​''​. And so on, and so on: ''​'',​ ''​'',​ ''​'',​ ''​'',​ etc.