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 +====== CapacityScheduler ======
 +  * [[Hadoop]]
 +  * [[YARN]]
 +  * [[http://​hadoop.apache.org/​docs/​current/​hadoop-yarn/​hadoop-yarn-site/​CapacityScheduler.html|Hadoop:​ Capacity Scheduler]]
 +From the documentation:​
 +The ''​CapacityScheduler''​ is designed to run Hadoop applications as a shared, multi-tenant cluster in an operator-friendly manner while maximizing the throughput and the utilization of the cluster.
 +The ''​CapacityScheduler''​ is designed to allow sharing a large cluster while giving each organization capacity guarantees. The central idea is that the available resources in the Hadoop cluster are shared among multiple organizations who collectively fund the cluster based on their computing needs.